Smack Dat Bitch

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Yes, u know how it goes, right?!
We about to,

Smack dat bitch, clap that bitch,
wrap that bitch,
trash dat bitch,
we don't care ,
who's up in here,
Lalalala, Lalala

Whatz ur name? u beautiful,
U like a drink?, that's doable
U like to dance? just move it though
(Lalalala, Lalalala)
(Wow) u shakin'it, (so) amazing,
(oh) that's crazy, bitch,
i'm solo,too, i roll wit u,(Lalalala, Lalala)
Nahh), u roll wit wit m e, get in my car, i take you home, get in my spar, get in da zone,
get this message, perfect night,
come closer now, drop ur towel...
(Lalalala, Lalalala)

We kissin, kissin, kissin, we higgin, huggin, huggin, please, listen, listen, listen, it's only for tonight!
We kissin, kissin, kissin, we fuckin', fuckin', fuckin,please, listen, listen, listen, it's only for tonight

She, unwrappin'it quicker than lil'kids unwrappin' christmas gifts, (sooo) delicious, bitch, suckin''n lickin''n lickin dick, fuckin'till we fuckin'sick of fuckin''n lickin'' shit,(no),that's too fast, back to that, first, act we had,smack dat back, smack dat booty, clap dat booty, wrap dat booty, trash dat booty, we don't care, it's a fun night one night stand, so, come right, here, 'n ride it out, ride it out, cause u my wifey, but only for tonight, we...

What up Crada? It's all good, baby, i gotcha back...Mozez

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