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(feat. Mary J. Blige)

[Missy Elliott]

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See I don�t want to say that this is the end
I�ll end by saying this is where we�ll begin
Hip hop is a freedom of expression, not a freedom of depression
Can I make my one suggestion?
Look at how we�re labeled gangsta rappers
Is that their only impression? WAKE UP!!!!!
Rappers are craft art in a rapper�s sport
Someone like a game of basketball can�t be taught
But yet we accept the name thug
Like that�s fly
See how they covered our eyes?
Give us names to separate us
Sit back and watch us beef and make us hate us! SAY WHAT!?!?!
I�m done talking
Mary J. Blige, let �em know this is not a test
I hear you calling

[Mary J. Blige]

What you hear is not a test (Oooh!)
I�m rocking to the beat (I�m rocking to the beat)
See me and my crew and my friends
We�re gonna try to move your feet (Move around, move around)
See I am Mary Blige and I�d like to say, �Hello� (Thank you for inviting me)
To the black, to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow.
But first you gotta�
But first you gotta�

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