Unholy Church

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A black soul isn't a welcome guest in the sacred house
Eternal damnation
But no interdiction has power upon the spirit of dark
Actuated by hate
My feet leave the dirty traces
Blasphemous air escapes from my lungs
Venomous dust flakes from my clothes
Profane thoughts rush from my mind
My flesh and mind are alien to this space
Godless aura
My wish desecrates this sacred place
The shame of god
The saints in the icons are closing all-seeing eyes
The candles are dying out with quiet hissing

The wounds of the crucified begin festering
The bells are chiming the chaotic symphony
The rottenness is powerless to resist storm
My will lays the house of god in ruins
A new aeon is raising in fire and thunder
The unholy church
The church that has no walls no icons
Freedom for free ones and slavery for slaves
The church that makes a god from everyone
Who wants to be the god without any gods
Blessed are the godless ones
The unholy church
Blessed are the free ones
The unholy church

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