The Black Snow

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The black snow
Dancing on poisoned air
White snow is one from a heaven
Black snow is one from a hell
White snow is frozen water
Black snow is volcanic ash
Cold snow is falling upon the earth
Hot snow is falling upon it
Black breathless steam is birthed by them
It's rising to heaven with poison of hate
Volcano which is everywhere
Destroy all flesh with dirty earth
Volcano which is apocalypse
Kill the good shepherd again
Death from the black underground

Come here with darkness and chaos
With the streams of the blasting lava
With the fall of black snow
Heavens cannot put out this diabolic fire
How much whiteness they would dispatch
Apocalyptic volcano woke up from waiting
Nothing can stop the anger of hell
I see the black snow dancing on poisoned air
And I know soon I'll see the triumphal dance of evil
Dance of evil
[lyrics by Para Bellum
music by Abysslooker
The Red Donkey is a symbol of Seth]

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