Dominus' Dusk Hammer

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Titanic hammer is raised above you
Dusk light heralds
Darkness of black metal mass
In the abyss of universe,
Where stars are never born,
This hammer was forged by those
Who had risen above the gods
It is destined for master,
For dark overman
Oh! Destruction!
Domination is over each and all
Bend the knee and think away
Your follies and pride
Because this power is higher
Than your fucking understanding
Titanic hammer is raised above you

Nobody will overlive
World on world falls in nothing
This is beauty
It's worth seeing…
On and on I look into the abyss
And the abyss looks into me
My emperor
Lowers his hammer
Oh! Devastation! Supervision is over each and all
The noise from heaven bursts my eardrums
My frightened mind is beating in the cranium
I can't lower my head - I'm paralyzed by this greatness
I wait…
[lyrics by Abysslooker
music by Abysslooker]

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